Thursday, March 22, 2012

A little help from your friends

As the Sassy Seven continue to party together so they can better work together, I'm here to wave and ask, gee, have you seen our new website yet????
Nic has Done It Again...and given us joy and nirvana in a promo tool.
Do go to:
I love my New Look: That's me. Def. The Hair. The bod. The dress? hmm. I need that one. The panties? Well! You know I love grrrrrrrrreat lingerie.
So, inquiring minds want to know what we 7 are working on!
A new series.
Yesssss, my lovelies.
Not due out for a while because we are all stacked up over Florida/Texas/Massachusetts like bunnies on a carrot patch.
BUT we are cannoodling on ideas and think we have a concept with chocolate wine, of course, as our calling card.
Meanwhile, a bit of a personal note here that my book in the TOYS-4-US series, A LONG TIME COMIN' is a TOP 100 Best Seller on Amazon!
Has been for weeks now!
Think it might be his chest? His naked chest that does the trick? Or perhaps the fact that he is Delta Force? Or the fact that she wears Marilyn Monroe's gown into which the star was sown to sing Happy Birthday at Madison Square Garden to JFK???
I am tickled and grateful to all of you who have bought and read it.

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